Articulate Online duration reporting with course complete trigger

We're having an issue with our courses that track on a Course Complete trigger displaying all user duration as 00:00 in Activity reports on Articulate Online.

From the help documents: 

In Articulate Online reports, Duration describes how long a learner interacted with the content. Duration is based on the tracking option you selected when you published the course.

·        If you're tracking by the number of slides viewed, the duration is calculated by adding the time learners spent on each slide.

·        If you're tracking by an embedded quiz, the duration reflects how long learners spent on the quiz. Non-quiz slides are not included in the duration.

What if Course Complete trigger is set as tracking option? It would be nice if they project displaying duration in a similar manner to those tracked by slides viewed.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Drew!

Thanks for pointing that out. In Articulate Online, the “duration” for a course tracked by “Complete Course trigger” should be calculated by adding the time learners spent on each slide. That's not working correctly, so I've reported this to my team as a software bug.

As soon as I get an update on this, I'll pass it along to you!

Drew Carrick-Anderson

Thanks for that.

We also have an issue with the same modules not reporting any view/activity information on AO until the Course Complete trigger fires. This only occurs in certain browsers (Chrome desktop and IOS Safari, so far), and I imagine is linked to the other bug.



Ken Liu
Katie Riggio

Greetings, Ken!

We've got this bug reported, but based on the limited impact, it's still an open issue for monitoring. I'll share your voice in our report so we can notify you of any changes.

Thank you for checking in!

Thanks Katie, do you know what should I do to add a tracking variable to my course, to track the time students spent in the course? I will need to track the quiz results as well.