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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Yohali,

That's definitely odd messaging, so I'd want to have our Support Team look into your account and we can also help to reset your trial if needed. 

It would also help to know how you're embedding the Articulate Online(AO) content in LearnDash - as AO is a standalone option for hosting and tracking Articulate published content.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Kristin. Sorry to hear you're also at this roadblock.

While I don't have a solution to share from Yohali's scenario, we're happy to keep digging! In fact, I see that you're already working closely with Renson, one of our Support Engineers.

I see he's looking into some next steps, so you should hear back from him shortly. I'll also follow the case along so I can share any relevant insight here!

Stacy Watkins

I have the same problem. I sent out the link and it says "Expired: The account you are trying to access has expired." I just downloaded the Articulate trial about two weeks ago and it says it is a 30-day trial. This was for a class presentation that went live today, but no one can access it. Is there anyone who can check out the issue for me?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

From previous cases, it looks like the snag was in the link. It's important to carefully copy the link from Articulate Online rather than in an address bar.

Are you seeing this error in Articulate Online? If so, you can use this link to connect with our Support Engineers for additional troubleshooting.