Articulate Online Limitations

We have a Premium license of Articulate Online and are beginning to add users and groups. Over the next few months we plan to scale beyond the 500 user accounts. While I recognize this is supported, I’m more concerned about the management of all the users, groups, and content given the limitations I’m currently seeing in your interface.

One example:
We set up a group entitled “XYZ Company” then add 100 users (employees) of XYZ Company to that group (in order to give them access to specific training content). After three months (the period they pay us to access the content), we want to remove their access to the content (so they can’t see it anymore) and remove their accounts (so we’re not paying Articulate for excess users and can free up the accounts for other clients).

While I can find the content and change permission so the group can’t access it (this is easy), removing users is extremely labor intensive. I have to find each user in an alphabetical list and then delete them one at a time. Once we have 5,000 users (which we fully expect within a year), how do I find these 100 users easily? It would be hugely tedious and the possibility of messing up enormous (deleting the wrong account, missing a user, etc.).

I was really hoping I could simply go in and delete a group and thus delete all the users within it. I see this as a deal breaker. Or alternatively, import a list of users to be REMOVED from the system (since that's how we imported the large list).

What am I missing? Does moving to the API model solve this? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bevan,

Articulate Online does not support a bulk delete feature for user accounts.

However, you may be able to use the following web app to accomplish this purpose:

Video Tutorial

Web App

Please note that this method only works for Articulate Online accounts that have the API enabled, and this method is not officially supported by Articulate.

I know that this isn't exactly what you have in mind, but I hope this will at least make the task a little easier for you. If you would like to see more options for this, please don't hesitate to share your feedback and requests with our development team.

Thanks very much!

bevan erickson

Thanks. While that does speed things up a bit, it requires me to:

  1. Still scan a list of potentially thousands of users (although now on pages maxed at either 150 or 200 -- so pagination will slow that first step down)
  2. Still potentially delete the wrong account (email) or miss one that should be deleted
  3. Trust Dave Mozealous with my articulate login credentials (while he appears to be an employee, why not have this tool on the articulate domain so I can feel a little better about the security)

While I can appreciate a permission system built around the individual user (allowing them to be a part of multiple groups), it leaves it very tedious to manage over time -- especially for organizations like ours who deliver training to companies (groups of users) and need quick ways to remove the entire company (including the users of that group).

I've submitted a request to your development team, but I'm seriously looking at alternative options right now. This issue combined with not being able to host other resources on AO (like a PDF file, Word document, etc), slowness/freezing issues, and a few other things are making Articulate Online less appealing every day.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bevan,

Sorry to hear that. I do know that we're working on a lot of improvements for all of the services and products we provide and Articulate Online is definitely on the list. 

I totally understand if the functionality doesn't meet your current needs and I apologize for the additional time you're having to put into this. Hopefully we'll have a system in place in the near future that will be more appealing and more functional for this type of content management and user groups/accounts.  

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback and for sending in your request. We always appreciate this type of input from our customers, it helps us build better products :)

Thanks again and have a great day, Bevan.