Articulate Online not displaying user activity

We are testing the 30 day trial of Articulate Online and today set up 8 users and invited them to take a certification assessment (authored in Storyline 360) and published to Articulate Online. I was onsite to monitor user experiences, as this was the first time using AO to which we are considering subscribing.

Articulate online worked perfectly for one user! After that, I watched people access the link in their email, take the certification test, and close the browser completely.  All performed the steps correctly.  Several hours later, their attempts or results do not display in Articulate Online.

I have followed link below and none of these apply, as I verified users were following the proper protocols and exiting the browser, and also confirmed there was no loss of internet access at the time the tests were taken.

What other issues might be at play? Can Articulate Online users in the community weigh in on its ability to track users consistently -- is our issue a typical one?  I have some real concerns about AO based on this first experience.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

Is the course public, or did they need to log in to take the course? Were all the users taking the course on different computers? 

I'd want to have my team take a look at your AO account and any data that we can see in there, so I'm going to start a case for you. Keep an eye out for an email from! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

I was checking on your case with Abel and I saw that he was able to share some other information with you regarding how the course may be cached in the browsers and therefore if multiple users are accessing it from the same computer without logging it it could cause tracking issues.

I also wanted to share the link here that he sent to you regarding how to use the AO Guestbook feature.