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Katie Riggio

Great question, Marcos! ūüĆüYou can definitely view content that was published to¬†Articulate Online¬†on mobile devices! For the best experience, we recommend to:¬†

  • Check the box to¬†Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS¬†and Android
  • If your learners will be using mobile devices other than iPad, simply make sure¬†the HTML5 output is included


These handy guides are worth checking out: Viewing and Tracking Storyline 360 Courses in Articulate Online and Publishing a Course for Mobile Devices ..and feel free to test my Storyline 360 project that was published there out on any mobile device!

I hope that helps, and let me know if you had another authoring tool or Storyline version in mind!

Leslie McKerchie

Perfect, thanks Marcos.

I wanted to be sure I shared the appropriate documentation with you to help out with any concerns you may have publishing for mobile devices.

Check out our user guide:

Storyline 360: Publishing a Course for Mobile Devices

Great comparison chart of output:

Storyline 360: Comparing HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Player Output

Hope this helps :)