Articulate Online-Public Users and Guestbook

I am trying Articulate Online right now to possibly use to distribute and track training to people outside of our agency (public). We are wanting to offer continuing education hours to nurses in all of our hospitals here through online training. I used one of my current Articulate presentations as a test, set it to public, and created a guestbook to gather information. My concern is that if nurses happen to use the same computer the complete the training which will be likely at times, they will see all of the previous person's data that was collected because it is cached. I read where the way to remedy this is to make everyone private users, however that is not an option with 126 hospitals and thousands of nurses. Is there any other way to ensure that the data collected in the guestbook at the start of the training would not be cached and available for others to view if they used the same computer? 

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