Articulate online registering 'Incomplete' even when all slides completed

Hi, I have a query from a frustrated student who has completed the quizzes and presentations yet their record is still showing 'incomplete'.  I've given them the advice about closing the browser window, trying different browsers.  Instructions are included on the Results slides on how to send results and no special characters have been used in the published title. Yet, 'incomplete' is still recorded.  Any suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michaela!

This article explains the common reasons that a user may experience this issue.

I'm not sure what software you are utilizing, but there was also an issue reported to our team related to Studio '09:

When running the report: Score Results: How did people score? - then selecting the Score (percentage link) between the Score progress bar and Status, you might notice only some of the questions answered are listed. This issue will occur when an Articulate Online user does not complete a quiz in one session and they choose Yes to resume in subsequent sessions. This in turn will only record the last session questions/answers in the Attempt Detail report. This issue has been sent to our Quality Assurance Team for further review. 

Michaela Cheetham

Hi Leslie,

Thanks. I've already got the article and have tried everything on it - I'm thinking now it may have something to do with not changing the Tracking/Reporting preferences.  I'll make a few changes on the next presentation as people have already started this one and I don't want them to lose any data because I've re-published it!

Thanks again