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Hoping someone can assist me with a question/issue I have. I'm reporting on a tutorial that contains mandatory data for the user to fill in at the profile; first name, last name, email, etc...  When I run a custom report however, there are a number of "Anonymous" records. I'm wondering how this is possible if I made it mandatory to input a name?  Thank you.  (this is a public tutorial, but user must input a name.)

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Michael W

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I'm using the Guestbook option and making mandatory for one to enter their name, email addr. So since it's mandatory, I'm wondering every once in a while an "Anonymous" item row appears in my reporting? Wondering how this is possible? 

The issue that may arise is when a User receives a certificate of completion, but I have no way of confirming if he/she has "anonymous" as their email address/name? in other words, I have no way of confirming 100% that they didn't truly complete? thanks for any insight.