Articulate Online Reporting Issue

I'll start by saying, I have two tickets open trying to resolve these issues. But wanted to see if anyone on here is having issues with reporting in Articulate Online and has a solution. 

1. Issue 1: Quizmaker Quizzes are not logging the user's score and seem to come through as incomplete. For example, I'll see on the user's screen they scored a 96% but Articulate Online records it as an 8%. This is ongoing for us since August and randomly affects users and quizzes. We've been able to work around it by requiring users to send screenshots but it also means I can't review what questions people are missing unless I sit with them as they take the quiz. 

2. Issue 2: This just started for us but a presentation will have x number of slides and reporting will generate a different number of viewed slides even if you complete the course 100%. So for example, I've seen it say I've viewed 4/5 or 6/5 even if I've viewed all slides completely. 

We build courses and quizzes with Articulate 360 and our users have to use Google Chrome to take them. Our other option is Internet Explorer but we've found Articulate to be very buggy in that so we tell users not to use that program. 


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