Articulate online: slow response times


Is anyone experiencing problems caused by slow response times when accessing presentations and quizzes hosted by Articulate Online on an ongoing basis? - including:

  • slides in presentations and quizzes freezing;
  • very slow download speeds for attachments; and
  • problems accessing the AOL site and resources hosted by the AOL site from 3 am to 7 am (GMT) every Sunday.

My internet access speeds are supposed to be 20 Mbps (download) and 6 Mbps (upload) and these speeds enable me to download 20MB files from other web sites in less than 1 minute and access learning resources from other LMS sites without any problems.

However, it seems that the Articulate Online is very slow at most times and extremely slow at some times. This is causing problems for me (as the author and administrator of the learning resources) and my users (who are contacting me 24/7 advising me of problems accessing resources).

This issue is not a recent or random event i.e. this problem is ongoing.

Does anyone know whether the Articulate Online site is supposed to operate at a certain speed? and, if so, whether the site adheres to this speed standard?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jon!

I'm not sure if you are looking for community feedback on this or not, but just wanted to pop in

I know that we had some unexpected issues and downtime this past Sunday that you can see here, but otherwise we are not getting reports of any issues.

Here are the details of the Articulate Online Infrastructure if you would like to take a look.

If you need for support to check into anything further with you, you are welcome to reach out here.

Jon Greenheld

Hi Leslie

Thanks foryour response above.

The extremely slow speed from 3 am to 7 am (GMT)on Sunday is ongoing i.e. I have been using AOL for 5+ years and the site has always been very slow (every week) during this time.Please advise me whether site maintenance takes place during this time.

I checked the details on Articulate Online Infrastructure. However, I couldn't see anydetails regarding the speed of the site and response times. Please advise me where I can find specific data regarding the expected performance (download speeds for attachments and response times when viewing presentations and completing quizzes) and the actual performance of the site.

This is becoming a critical issue for me and I have to consider alternative learning management systems because my clients are not satisfied with the overall performance of AOL.

Further help would be appreciated.