Articulate Online to SuccessFactors LMS?


We are bringing on a group of new employees from another organization in short order.

We need them to complete some compliance training on Day 1, but we're not sure that they'll have access to our IT systems (including our SucessFactors LMS) right away.

I was thinking I could Articulate Online to temporarily house the content and record their completion, but I would want to eventually push those records into our LMS.

Has anyone done anything like this? Do we know if it is a possibility?

(EDIT: I see that AO has an API - however, I'm not a developer and I don't know if I will have any development resources available.  Was hoping for a code-free solution!)



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jeremy - This question is a tad out of my wheelhouse of knowledge as well. I do know that you can export your Articulate online data, so perhaps then dependent on being able to add that data to your LMS? Hopefully one of your fellow community members with some similar experience will be able to chime in and better assist you.