Articulate Online - Yearly Training

Hi, I have a course in Articulate online that needs to be taken every year for regulatory compliance. This course was built in Presenter 13.

This year we have seen a number of people who took the course in 2013. When they took it for a second time in 2014, they are being shown as complete, but only viewing the course for a few seconds because it goes to the last slide. Is there any way to clear out the course history at the beginning of every year so the users are force to start at the beginning?

We would like to maintain the ability for the users to stop viewing the course, and then pick it up at the same spot at other times of the year.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julee! That course history remains. Articulate Online does not have a way to auto-clear this information. Not sure if loading a new course for the next year would be best or work in your environment. You are welcome to submit your feature requests here if you would like to see this handled differently.

Julee Jaeger

Thanks Leslie. Because we have many courses and use APIs (need to maintain the course ids), loading a new course every year is not a viable fix right now.  

We've noticed that overwriting the course does not clear out this counter either. So if we have new content for the same course, no one is forced to look at it when we send them back to the course. Is there a document that outlines how yearly training should be set up in Articulate Online so we can plan for these issues? Is it a BMP to upload a new course every year, even if it is the same material?