Articulate storyline: Likert scale output on Articulate online


I'm having a problem outputting data from storyline. Can anyone help?

My storyline slides contain a mix of graded questions (true or false, multiple choice etc) and survey questions (likert scale 1-10).

When I build a custom report on the articulate online lms I can see the data output from the graded questions but the data from the likert scale questions is not displayed.

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong (building slides on the front end or outputting data on the backend)?

On the front end I've done the following:

feedback: by question

require: user must answer

On the back end I've selected an answer report and ticked:

Content data: Name

User data: email, first, last name

Attempt data: date, score, status

Answer data: answer, result, correct answer, max points



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Bruce Graham


Are you aware of anyone that has had any success interpreting Likert Scale responses from any other LMS than AO?

I would really like to use/report on this type of output, but on the few occasions it's been brought up as a topic, it seems that they are incredibly hard/not able to be utilised in many circumstances.



Zio Fonta

thanks Ashley for anwering, but as I wrote on that topic, that is not in my opinion a good solution, because Rebecca offers a way to custom create a sort of likert scale and a consequent result after that. I think there should be a more logical way to retrieve variables result from likert scale object and put them into a simple text field or use them into a trigger, just the other variables. The things is that i cannot find documentation about how to access to those variables. And i think that this is due to the fact that Storyline quiz tools derives from QuizMaker and lot of code has been "recjcled" without having a full implementation/control in storyline, am I wrong about it?

thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Zio,

I'm not a programmer or coder, so I can't speak to where the code "came" from. Would this thread be more in line with what you're looking to do in terms of calculating a variable? If this is something that you'd like to see included in future versions/updates you're welcome to share those thoughts with our Development team by submitting a feature request. 

Zio Fonta

hi Ashley, thank u for your time. All the thing i need is to use the implemented prinresult report from a group o 4-5 likert scale.

If you try by yourself to insert a likert scale from the survey quzzing tools, and then you insert a survey result slide, this particular slide should act as a collector for all the choice made in surveying slides. In facts, if i insert a button with "Print Results" trigger on it, it generates a printable report html file (based on report.html file in the published scorm) that populates data with javascript. The fact is that all the printed surveying choices are messed up in this report. All the statements are wrongly placed into a single cell (

tag, on the right there is just one single choice (which one? the first? the last? a medium value? who knows...) and furthermore there are unrequested columns like "correct answer" and "Points awarded" that are incompatible with a survey report, since by definition survey quiz should not be graded/scored. 

When this feature has been recjcled from QuizMaker, it should also be correctly implemented for an output. Otherwise, it is completely unuseless (cannot record the result on LMS, cannot print a correct report, so why asking someone a surveying in your course if you cannot see his results?)

please take a look at the screenshot example.

many thanks

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Zio,

I see you're also discussing something similar here with Leslie, and that she asked you to share your files with our Support team. The reason she's asked that is so that we can fully test your file and then if we're able to find a workaround or fix it we're able to help you in updating your exact file. If they're able to identify a bug and reproduce, then our Support team will be able to submit that on your behalf as well.  If you prefer not to share your file, please let us know that and I'll create a test file that our Support team can review on your behalf.