Articulate storyline: Likert scale output on Articulate online


I'm having a problem outputting data from storyline. Can anyone help?

My storyline slides contain a mix of graded questions (true or false, multiple choice etc) and survey questions (likert scale 1-10).

When I build a custom report on the articulate online lms I can see the data output from the graded questions but the data from the likert scale questions is not displayed.

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong (building slides on the front end or outputting data on the backend)?

On the front end I've done the following:

feedback: by question

require: user must answer

On the back end I've selected an answer report and ticked:

Content data: Name

User data: email, first, last name

Attempt data: date, score, status

Answer data: answer, result, correct answer, max points



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