Articulate Updates impacting work hours

Just wondering if others in Articulate's 'Global' community of users are getting annoyed with services going offline for four hours in the middle of the working day??  We (here in NZ and Oz) will have lost a full day of working hours access in the last two months.

I'm sure other subscription software services don't take this approach (Adobe?).

Thoughts, comments...options?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the trouble that last night (or yesterdays) scheduled outage caused. Our team looks to usage data within the Articulate 360 apps to determine the time and date that will impact the least amount of users, and that's how we arrived at that schedule.

Although tools like Rise 360 and E-Learning Heroes were unaccessible during that time, tools such as Storyline, Studio, Replay, etc. would continue working as long as you were signed into the Articulate 360 desktop app prior to the start of the maintenance.