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Kevin Bolduan

We solved this issue for our clients through a creative use of a macro in Firefox. With a little digging into the custom report functionality in AO and its use of querystring parameters, it's possible to identify a specific URL of a custom report export. You could then use something like this:


to have Firefox go out and grab the URL and download the report export (CSV, etc.)

And then you can schedule Firefox to access that URL via a .bat file (if you're on Windows) or a CRON job under Linux (though I don't know how that works...)

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Kevin Bolduan


Unfortunately you still have to log in, hence the use of the macro software for Firefox. Once you log in, you can then hit a specific URL for a custom report. Ours looks like this:


This URL won't work unless cookies are active so that AO can identify that you've authenticated. I've asked in the past for AO to allow authentication directly in the URL, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. While I didn't end up exploring it, here's someone who did manage to get in without explicitly logging in (but faking it through a Perl script that captures the necessary cookies):


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