Benefits to using an LMS over a Video content management system


I've recently begun working for a software company who have a bespoke product and I have been asked to provide a plan for training users on the use of the software.

My initial feelings are that we create a repository of how-to-videos demonstrating the software and use an authoring tool such as Articulate to add interaction to them.

However I'm struggling to see what the benefit is to buying an LMS when the majority of the eLearning will be in video format.

Would it not be better to host all the videos using a video content management system?

Any help or advice especially if you've had the same issue would be appreciated.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Phil,

You may also want to look at posting this query in the Building Better Courses side of the forums as that is where most design/how to/general why e-learning questions are posted. This section you posted in for Articulate Online refers to our hosting/LMS solution. As for why to use an LMS, the general idea would be it allows for tracking and reporting on a users access of a particular course and completion/scoring.