Busted! Printing results from a single log-in

Recently I was perplexed that a learner produced results from a course quiz but didn't show up on the course report in Articulate on-line. After doing a bit of testing I realised that by hitting the print results button and adding their name more than one person can print off a report, without logging in, or doing the quiz.

Does anyone have a solution to only allow one result to be printed per log in?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kate,

Unfortunately not, so you'll want to cross check the printed certificates against the users score in Articulate Online. 

The only other thought - which may cause a problem if a legitimate user needs to reprint the report - is you could look at changing the state of the "print button" to disabled once they've clicked it the first time?  Here is a definition of how the built in states work. 

Kate Niblett

Hi Ashley

I've set a trigger to disable the print results button but the only way I could think to do it was to set the trigger for when the timeline ends. This allows a learner to print one result but doesnt allow enough time for a second or subsequent result.

I thought about hiding the button after it has been used once but Storyline didnt seem to allow me that option.

The way I've done it seems a bit clunky - can you suggest a better way.