Bypass the result pass or not pass in the lms for testing


We publish a trainning with 3 modules.  The second module is a test and the user can only jump to the third module if is pass the course..

The probleme is when we want to test the trainnig ( our team) online to see if everything is working fine or if someone told us these a bug at a certain slide, we want to verify the problem as we are a user and test the trainning lms who is  publish.. Our testing team want to jump to the module 3 without having to pass the quiz even if we are testing slide we want to be able to pass anyway.. is these a way we can do that by by passing the test.. a tricks or a tips to force the result to be at pass so we can jump fast to the correction?  sorry for my bad english! trying my best, im native french! Thank you in advance.  kim

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