Can an administrator log-in to a user's course?

I made a mistake when I created my first course.  I did not realize that result slides had settings that enabled content to be tracked for reports.  I assumed that all results were automatically collected for reports.  What this means is I am only able to see results for 2 tests out of 25 in my course.

However, in the course itself, I set up a slide that shows the user their progress as they complete the course.  On that slide, I can see every test and the score they received from the test:

The problem is, I can only access this if they give me their username and password.  Unless there is something I don't know.  Can an administrator log-in to a particular user's course in order to view a slide that is specific to them?

I will fix this problem when I revise the course for future use, but since most employees have taken the course already, I can't revise it until after this testing period or I'll lose all of the work they have done.


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