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Arthur Binotti

That's correct, you can track one quiz or survey within the project. One thing you might consider, though, is to use just Quizmaker (not Presenter) and incorporate Quizmaker's Blank Slide feature for your content. In other words, insert blank slides into your quiz for the content, with quiz questions in between. To the user, it will feel like separate quizzes. The final score when the user finishes would reflect all the quiz questions in the quiz. Here's the button you use to add a blank slide:

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a work-around from the ever-creative Dave Moxon that requires 2 separate content items (or more, depending on how many quizzes or surveys you want to track), but allows you to pull a second (or more) Quizmaker '09 quiz or survey into your Presenter '09 course as Web Object(s):

Track Multiple Quizzes In The Same Presentation

Tom Kuhlmann

Other quizzes you insert can be knowledge checks / not tracked. Did you take a look at the above blog entry? That's the only work-around of which I'm aware to track multiple quizzes in the same course.

Or, for an LMS, put the course into multiple AUs (for AICC) or multiple SCOs for SCORM, each with an individual quiz.

Rob Blankenship

I have not had used the new QM enough to know for sure, but I think this is not possible with QM.  If this is very important for your organization though, it can be accomplished with Storyline by adding result slides:   http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-result-slides.aspx

Jeff Schlaybach

Thanks Tom and ultimately Dave! Just added a test quiz/survey 'Check Point' as a Web Object to a standard, Articulate lesson and the results were quite nice. One extra thing I had to do was change the quiz.html to index.htm before I could insert it into a slide.

I am not concerned with tracking the student's results since this is meant to be a break in the flow of the lesson to allow them to check their knowledge at various points.