Can generic names for quizzes be changed in AO?

Hi. I'm using Storyline 2 and Articulate Online, and was wondering if anyone knows if you can change how the quiz names are reported. For example, I have 2 essay quizzes and 2 pick many. I literally see these headings followed by the user responses. I'd like to change the headings so that it describes which essay, which pick many in more detail (at least something related to the content vs. completely generic). Is this possible to do?
1. essay
2. essay
3. pick many
4. pick many


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephanie, 

There is not an option to change these quiz titles within AO or within Storyline when your quiz is being created - it's referencing the type of quiz question as the title. 

Hopefully if someone has come up with a creative workaround or additional idea they're able to share it here with you. 

Stephanie Harnett

I see that the Essay type is the only that asks you for a question. When you type a question in (then move it off the slide so it doesn't appear on screen), everything works and when reporting in AO it changes from the generic "Essay" to whatever the question is that I entered. This makes perfect sense since quizzes are all about asking questions. One would think that reports would be showing the questions you've asked of students, not the technical format of the question type. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephanie,

This happens for the Freeform question types, as the majority of them don't have a section to enter in question text (like the drag and drop or pick one types) but I saw a user in another thread mention that they've copied and pasted the question text placeholder from another question to use that in the slide and that will report the actual question text (they were referring to printed results - not just within AO) so you may want to look into that method.