Can I update content without losing existing score data?

Hi, I'm trying out AO and I've published a quiz to it. A few people already completed my quiz, and I am liking what I am seeing so far with the ability to report on the results.  

Unfortunately, I've noticed that I made a few typos in my quiz slides so I need to correct them. :(  

Can I make the fixes in QuizMaker '09, and publish the corrected quiz to Articulate Online by overwriting the existing one? If I do that, what will happen to my current quiz data? Also, will my users that did not yet access the quiz, be able to use the same logon info and complete the new version of the quiz? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sam - You won't lose the results that are already in there. When you publish your corrected quiz to AO, you'll just want to make sure that the publish title (which you specify on the publish window, when you click Publish and then choose Articulate Online) is the same as what you used the first time. When you publish from Quizmaker '09 to Articulate Online, you'll see a prompt asking if you want to overwrite the item. You can say Yes.

One other thing: if you run the Answer Breakdown report, it will ask you to select the version you would like to run a report on.

Your users will be able to access the quiz in the same way they did earlier. They won't need any new or updated invite info.