Can I verify input by a user in Articulate Online?

I have a compliance course which has to be repeated within a year.

I can ask people to fill in the date on which they completed their last course with the guestbook. However, I want the system to check whether this date is maximum 365 days ago. Also I want the system to check whether the course is taken at least nine months after the last.

Is this possible and if yes, how?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marjolein,

You can view the data on the course and date by running reports or custom reports. There is no feature that I'm aware of that will pull the data from a previous course - date or otherwise - before providing a course or access to a course. 

It does sound like it would make a fantastic feature request for Articulate Online, however. 

What you could try, if it's an option, is to run a report to find learners that meet the time frame you want to specify. You could invite those learners to the next course.

I'm sure others will have some suggestions for this as well - hopefully other community members will chime in with their feedback.


Marjolein Berends

Thanks Christine!

I will suggest this feature because it would be really helpful to compliance courses

The case is, people have to complete a classroom training and then do an online repeat training within a year. What we don't want is that they can put in a date that is more than 365 days later than the classroom training. This date shows up on their certificate they get when completing the course, so it is important that this date is right (otherwise it's not valid). So I want the system to check it when they put it in.

I can have them fill in a date through the guestbook but I can't have the system check this.

But it seems that this is not possible so far, only afterwards through a report, correct?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marjolein,

Correct - an admin can access that information after the course has been completed, but the only way a learner would be able to do so is if they reviewed what they finished later on. In either case, you'd have to depend on the admin's ability to refer to that data and invite them, or the student's ability to provide correct information. 

Thanks, also, for sending in the request! Again, I do think this would make an excellent addition. I haven't seen many projects where functionality like this would be needed, but I can certainly see from your description how this could be helpful. I've actually followed your lead and submitted my own request as well.

Have a great day and Happy Holidays! :)