Cleaning up results in articulate online

I have been testing articulate online and have figured out a lot by trial and error because there is no user guide and the tutorials don't cover everything (hint hint - user guides are soo much better than forcing people to watch a lot of videos). Anyway, the big question that I have searching all over to find is how to clean up the quiz results for articulate online.

After launching a quiz, you want to test the quiz and during that QA and user feedback cycle one will go through quizzes a number of times (I use the guest mode for this). I don't see any place to be able to simply pull up just a straight list of raw results and allow the administrator to delete some or all.

The reports on the quiz results are not meaningful it is includes a lot of test (bogus) results.

What am I missing here? I feel like there is a feature that I can't find. I have searched for delete records, delete results, delete responses.

Please help.

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Deb-

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, this is not a feature that exists (it's a good suggestion), but we welcome product feedback here.

What I'd recommend you do is create a test version of your quiz, then after you're happy with how it's functioning, you can either update the quiz, which would give you a new version of the quiz on which to report (you'll be prompted when running reports), or simply delete it and re-upload the final quiz to track your actual results.

Thanks, too, for the feedback on documentation.