Cloud Storage, PC-> Mac

This community has been a lifesaver more times than I can count.  I've acquired so much information in the short 6 months of graphic and elearning design, that I couldn't even begin to thank everybody.

That being said, I would like to reach out and ask for help.  Although this is my first discussion post, it will not be my last.


I have a PC that I've created content on and would like to move all my files from my PC to my Mac.  My backup plus may not have been partitioned correctly and I don't want to spend money to purchase another one in order to use it as a medium for transfer.

Is there a cloud storage I could use that will hold my HTML5 finished courses and my partially finished products so I can transfer them to my Mac?

Lastly, and semi-related, I am in public education and do not have the funds to buy parallels ($80), is there a cheaper means of running Windows on my Mac?

Thank you in advance, and I love this community!

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Michael Hinze

As for cloud storage, you could consider using GoogleDrive (or some other servie, like DropBox, TempShare, OneDrive) to transfer your files. If I remember correctly, you get 15GB of free storage with GoogleDrive. Transferring files via a USB stick instead of cloud would avoid the upload/download of files. It depends how much data you need to transfer.