Course "Assignment" - Articulate Online

I'm assessing Articulate Online as a temporary LMS solution for a client, and am hoping you all can help me with something I can't figure out:

I want to be able to require users to take a pre-test, then the course, then the post-test, and I want AO to record both scores (pre and post). Based on what I've seen in the forum, it seems the best way to do this is to create the two tests, put them on AO, then add them to the beginning and end of the course as web objects. That way, I can make the course itself available to users, and they'll access the tests from within the course. 

BUT - because I haven't made the tests available to the users, when they get to that web object in the course, it says they don't have access. If I give hem access, they'll see the tests listed in the portal when they log in - which I don't want, because I'm trying to force them to do the three items in order.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish what I'm trying to do?? The only thing I can come up with is to disable the portal for the end users, and they'll access the course from a link (that way i can make all three items available but still control the order). But I don't love this solution...

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