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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Steve - Unfortunately that's not anything I have any knowledge of and my search turned up nothing to assist. You may get some better feedback/assistance if you reached out in our Building Better Courses forum as there are more design, etc discussions there as opposed to product support. This forum is specific for Articulate Online as well and is a subset of users as well.

Gabe Anderson

Hi Steve- 

Good question and good timing! I was just working on something similar to this for our own WWW website yesterday.

Since you posted in the Articulate Online forum, I'm assuming your courses are hosted there? If so, not sure that there's anything that you can manipulate in the short-term to make the thumbnail images appear, but if you're hosting the courses on your own server, you have some options.

Here's some info on the metadata that the link you share needs to contain:

Making Your Website Shareable on LinkedIn

I'll also share this feedback with our Articulate Online team for consideration.

Steve Stark

Thanks for the help, Leslie and Gabe. I was using Articulate Online, but I don't have to; I can use the Amazon S3 method explained in Tom Kulhmann's blog post instead.

That is some good information, Gabe, but I still can't quite get it to work for me. I'll post this question in the Building Better Courses forum instead, as it's more fitting for this question. Sorry for the misfire!