Creating a Learning Content Strategy with Processes and Standards from the Ground-Up

Would anyone be willing to share some of your processes for your team?

Background: I’m managing all learning content from a group technical writers/facilitators and am working on a strategy to make all of our content consistent. It’s all external facing for Sales partners so it’s important it aligns with our brand and all looks very similar in style.

Right now my team is only designing videos (VoDs) and ILT materials (PPTs, facilitator guides, etc.), but I will also be implementing slide-based eLearnings.

I’m curious to know how others have defined standards and processes in your organization. I’m afraid mine may overwhelm a group of trainers who aren’t instructional designers or developers – yet something they are expected to be. 

Does anyone's teams have any sort of formalized content production guidelines and process they adhere to (I'm not referring to brand standards - Those I have down pat)? What does everyone's production process look like? For example, do you use one template for custom materials and do those go through the typical alpha/beta/final review cycles? I was told to give very basic and clear/to the point instructions/guidelines as the standards document I currently have with ADDIE, SAM, etc. explained is information overload for a group of people who aren't IDs yet will be creating their own courses. 

We are starting from the ground up and everything here has been very ad-hoc – Files saved all over google drive, one person taking on all responsibilities of writer/ID/SME/designer/developer/project manager with no review cycles or review panel. 

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