custom report - see users that have no completed training

Based on the available custom reports that I can create in Articulate Online, I don't see an option that allows me to see a list of the users that have NOT completed the training. I would like to create a list of the users that haven't completed the training, compared to the total list of users that were invited to participate in the training.

Has anyone else dealt with this using custom forms?



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Jason Nagels

For the needs our company, we don't really need a full LMS and Articulate Online has been working well...

I just figured as Articulate Online is able to create a report of all the users that have completed the training and show their results, I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to create a custom spreadsheet to compare the users invited against the users completed and this would be the 'outstanding users'.... I wanted to see if anyone has put anything like this together for Articulate Online...