custom reporting doesn't seem to return user level data?

Hello there,

I'm fairly new to articulate and storyline (we have both products), but have been playing around with building a sample quiz using storyline. I've looked through the forums but couldn't seem to find an answer to my issue....

I've built a quiz using storyline and published to articulate online (which I have a trial version of). I've then completed the quiz several times from several machines, using the guestbook feature to capture first name, last name, email etc...

When I come to building a custom report to download user data and the answers they are selected, I only seem to get the summary data. e.g. their overall score. But I'd like to see the break down of answers by user as well. Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get a report that shows me by user what questions they got right or wrong, which I can then download into a CSV to analyse further.

I've experiemented with groups as well to see if this gave me more data, but it didn't seem to.

Ultimately I need to build a pre and post training assessment quiz, to measure uplift in knowledge from a training workshop. I need a report which allows me to analyse overall scores for the pre and post quiz (allowing me to compare if possible), data by user (e.g. what answer they selected, what they got correct, points etc.) and also group and analyse questions so that I can see any uplift based on a particular group of questions (this can be down in excel if needed).

The custom report function seems to allow me to do all this, but when I select the options I'm wanting data on and run the report, it doesn't seem to return all the data?  

Hopefully that all makes sense? Maybe I need to select something in Storyline to enable this?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

Kind regards,


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Chris C

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it looks like this will only give me the data per attempt. What I'm really after is a single report or CSV that lists all the users and all the attempts in the same place. I'm likely to have 150 respondents + to my pre and post quiz, and I need to easily analyse uplift by individual, by question and the overall up lift from the pre and post quizzes.

I think with this attempt mode report I would have to download the attempt data for all 150+ respondents and manually cut and paste into a single Excel file to do the analysis I want. Unless you can think of another way to get all this detail by users in one report?



Justin Wilcox

If you want to get an overview of how everyone answered you could use the Answer Breakdown report but that doesn't break allow you to see who answered what. Only the attempt detail report will give you that information. If you use the Score Results report, it will give you a list of all users highest scores and allow you to click on the score to see the Attempt Detail report.

Chris C

Hi Justin,

Thanks for clarifying this. I did manage to get this level of detail out using the custom reports for one user (which was the user logged in and linked to the articulate online account), but I could seem to mirror it for the rest. So I got a report with the full detail for one user and then blank fields by questions for the rest. 

I must admit I'm a little confused that the custom report function lets you tick selected answers and correct answers as options, but then won't display this data for all users in one report? 

Is there a plan to add this feature to pull all attempt user data into a single report? Mannually pulling that data together each time for 150+ respondants wouldn't really be an option as it would take too long each time. I fear I may have to hunt for another tool, which is a shame as the front end functionality for storyline quizzes is great. 

Would another online LMS be able to do what I'm trying to do, do you think? Is what I'm trying to do just not a current feature in Articulate Online?