Different versions - can they both publish?


When our company originally purchased Articulate products several years back we bought two licenses.  I have used mine continuously and have upgraded to Studio 09.  A coworker of mine has only created 7 modules and that was over a year ago.  He now wants to start creating more.  He has the earlier version of Presenter (I think it is 5.4?)  He had given me the PPTs to publish for him in the past.  Will that work since I have a different version?  Will it work if he publishes himself?  How do I get him signed up as a publisher?



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Gabe Anderson

Hi Sheri-

The number of Articulate Online publishers you can have depends on your account level. You can compare plans here. You can also learn about upgrading the older version of your software in our store (though, yes, Presenter 5.2 or later will work with Articulate Online; see tech specs here).

Just contact your account manager if you have any more questions or need help making some decisions.

Hope this helps!

Sheri  Matt

Thanks for the response, Gabe.  Our account allows up to 10 administrators and publishers so that isn't a problem.  I just didn't remember how I got set up so that I could guide him through getting set up (i.e. the password needed when publishing).  

I will contact the account manager if I have more specific questions.

Thanks again,