Difficulties going through modules on iPad

Hi there,

One of our students is having difficulties going through e-learning modules on her iPad:

" I have an iPad 2 and am on the latest iOS software -7.04, I just found it weird I could get half way through the training and then it just wouldn’t let me go any further! And it happened on 2 of the modules – not just one??"

Can anyone help?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carole,

Is this user viewing the course in mobile safari or the mobile player app? If it's within the mobile Safari, HTML5 output - there are some known limitations and the memory associated with an iPad 2 may be contributed to the issue. 

Are other users having the same issue on newer iPads? Also, if the user closes the course are they then able to resume where they left off? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carole,

Does she mean she downloaded the mobile player app? Did she mention if she was able to close the course and then resume (do you have resume enabled?)? I don't have an iPad 2 to test this on, although I'm happy to try and replicate the behavior on my iPad mini with iOS7, but you mentioned it's the one particular user correct? I'd suggest to see if she's able to try from another wireless network as it may be an overall speed issue. Additionally, since she's on an iPad 2 with a smaller memory I'd recommend closing other applications while viewing the course in the mobile app or HTML5.