Does publishing to Articulate Online work the same as publishing to LMS?

Obviously the process is different, that is not quite what I mean. I'd like to know if it works in a similar way, i.e creates a SCORM package and then auto-uploads to Articulate Online. 

I have a feature in a module that I'd really like to use (full screen option for embedded web video), but I have only seen it work in Articulate Online. I have tried 3 LMSs with no luck. If the publishing/features are different that's great, I'd just like to stop spinning my wheels.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bill,

The publishing method is proprietary, so it wouldn't be the same as a SCORM package - but the publishing method shouldn't impact the way content plays back. If a course works in Articulate Online, I'd also expect it to work at SCORM Cloud (as that's an industry standard for LMS testing). What other LMS's have you tested it within? Are you able to test it out within SCORM Cloud - you could follow the steps and directions in this article to properly test it.