Duplicate presentations? Publish twice?

This post is related to an earlier one I did today (What would you do?).  My manager wants to know if we can create two libraries...one for employees content and one for customer content. 

How would I do this? 

Would I have to copy the Power Point and then re-record it and then publish under a different name?  Or would I be able to publish one and then save it under a different name too and publish that one too? 

Thanks for anyone that can help me with this (or my other) question.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Sheri

If it is the same presentation with no changes then I would keep one ppt file and when you publish change the name, this way you only ensure you have to change one presentation each time you want to update the content

if you will be making changes to both then I would start the development in one ppt and the save as (different file name) once you have created the common content and you are ready to diverge.  Using save as ensures that a ppta file is created, however you need to be aware that the engages & quizes  will still be the same if you want different you need to delete and reinsert new engages (or you could create a presenter package and extract to a different location


Sheri  Matt

Cool, Phil!  I tried your second example on accident and did not realize I did it so I went back to check and it worked!  I had published it one time and my manager had two slides she wanted me to re-record.  When I went back in I happened to save the PowerPoint and the new published Content under a different name.  I wasn't sure it was going to work and was afraid I would have no narration when I opened it. 

In regard to your first scenario, I guess I was confused and thinking that each published Content had to have the same name as the PowerPoint.  I did not think I could have a published Content with a different name than the PowerPoint it came from.  If that can be done then I think that will work perfectly. 

Thank you so much!