E-learning Heroes Performance

Hi all,

We're currently experiencing some performance problems with the Heroes forums. To stay up to date on the performance of E-Learning Heroes (and other Articulate sites) you can visit http://status.articulate.com/. At the very top you can also choose to subscribe to updates and you'll receive emails with updates on the status and performance of our site. 

Thanks for your patience! 

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James Beckman

Hi Ashley,

I tried clicking on the Contact Me button on your home page and it wouldn't allow me to send you a message.

Is there any way you could check out my current question about how to set up two quizzes in the same Storyline course? I submitted it to the forum on 4/19/2017 and have not received any replies.

One employee group will take one of the quizzes and another employee group will take the other quiz. But each employee group will only take one of the quizzes.

How do I set this up so that a passing score will be recorded in the LMS for each employee regardless of which of the two employee groups they are in?