Edit Storyline 2 file and keep Articulate Online URL

I recently uploaded and a storyline file to Articulate Online. Once it was on the site I emailed the link out to my company. Once it was on Articulate Online I realized that there were some editing errors that needed corrected.  I am wondering if it would be possible to edit the Storyline 2 file and upload it again to Articulate Online, but keep the original URL that I sent out.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kyle!

As long as you do not change the title, you should be prompted to overwrite and yes, the URL would remain the same.

To update a content item in Articulate Online, simply republish it in the same manner as you did previously.  Bear the following in mind:

  • As long as the content has the exact same Publish Title as before, you will be asked to overwrite the existing version in Articulate Online when you republish.  When prompted, select Yes to confirm that you want to overwrite (update) the existing version. 
  • On the other hand, if you change the Publish Title when you republish, it will simply create a new content item in Articulate Online.
  • Updating a content item in Articulate Online does not change the URL, permissions, or existing reporting data for that content item.
  • If the content item you are updating is a standalone quiz or a presentation being tracked by an embedded quiz, you will be prompted to select which revision of the content item you want to report on when you run an Answer Breakdown report.