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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andre,

I didn't see an excessive amount of spam this AM when I checked and all that I did see was automatically flagged by our system, so I don't believe that is the issue. You may be subscribed to an entire product forum which would account for the emails you're receiving.

You can check your subscriptions from the "My Profile" setting you'll see when hovering over your image in the top right hand corner while logged in. I cannot unsubscribe you - as it's an individual user setting.

If you'd like me to check into the issue further in terms of the emails you're receiving, and if you'd prefer to not share your email address publicly you can reach out to us here or email Support@articulate.com and then we can communicate with you offline as well. 

Andre van der Merwe

Hi Ashley

Thank you for the response. I did check the settings in my profile an un-selected the block allowing other members to contact me . I don't know what it is causing it but it seem as if I am receiving every question and response. I just cleared my junk mail - over 200 e-learning heroes e-mails since yesterday. It is blocking my e-mail service. Any advice?      

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andre,

Can you share your email address with me so that I can look into it a bit further? 

It sounds like you're still subscribed to the forums as a whole though - did you check your subscription set up? From your profile you can look to see if you're set up to autosubscribe meaning that any thread you've responded to will automatically send you emails once others reply and it'll look like this:


You can also subscribed to an entire section of the forums and you'll find that at the top when inside a thread and you can hover over the word "Subscribe" to see the options as shown here:

Let us know if you need additional help, and if so, I'll need to know your email address that you're registered with, and if you'd prefer to not make that public you can reach out to me here - and you'll want to mention this thread. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Andre - and I took a look and would suspect based on the volume that you're subscribed to an entire forum section/topic - so you'll want to follow the steps I mentioned above to unsubscribe as it's specific to the individual user so I won't be able to unsubscribe you. 

If you need any other help please feel free to let me know.