File Link Error

We have a course published on Articulate Online that includes a link at the end to download a certificate of completion. This certificate is a fillable PDF form that can be downloaded from our web server. We have checked the link, as well as ensured that the file is indeed where the link points it. But we continue to receive an odd error message. This does not happen for any of the other 22 modules we have containing the same type of link.

This once functioned and nother changed before we were informed of the issue. We have since republished, but have the same results. The image of the error appears below. The "Print Certificate" button is what the user clicks to open the PDF.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sue,

Is it inserted a web object within your course? Did you upload that form to another site or just link to the file within Storyline? We don't have certificates as an option in Articulate courses and as such isn't supported - although there is at least one documented way here to be able to set it up. 

Perhaps you can share a bit more information here with the community so that they could weigh in on your set up? 

Sue Lorusso

Hi Ashley,

This is a link to a file hosted on our web-server ( It works on every other Module, and previously worked on this one. But suddenly instead of being able to see the page, the error message appears on top of the Storyline slide.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sue,

Thanks for sharing that link - and it did work for me on it's own. Did you recently change anything else in the Storyline course or within your Articulate Online account? Can you share a link to the course itself so that we could take a look at testing it? If you'd prefer to do so privately you can send along to me here.