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Katie Riggio

Hi, Raina! Sorry you're running into some trouble sending your course via email – let's get that sorted!

If you're using Articulate Online and it isn't sending an email, here are some steps to try. If that does not shed some light on the issue, can you share a little more detail on the steps you took as well as a screenshot of what you see so we can try to recreate it on our end?

I'll be standing by!

Raina Berry

Thanks. Articulate online did not help. It seems as if the person I'm sending it to, their server at work will not allow them to receive this type of file. So I guess I'm trying to find out how people share their projects/portfolios to people who cannot access it through an LMS


Raina Berry

Hey. Soooo... I watched a video this morning and I was able to send my video using AWS. By the way, my content was created with Storyline 360. However, I would like to know what options you would suggest for tracking the training as my organization does not yet have its LMS in place.


Katie Riggio

Nice job, Raina – and thanks for keeping me posted!

learning management system would be the best way to track your learners' progress, but we can appreciate if it's not a viable option at your organization at the moment.

While we do not support tracking outside of an LMS, there are a number of users in the community that set up tracking without one. Here are a few threads that posed a similar question:

Those are some ideas – I'm curious to see what other ideas folks will share here!