Help wit how to Report on Survey (feedback)

Hi Articulate Online users,

I am using Articulate Online and I can easily generate test results from users who have completed the eLearning course.

But within the course, there is also 2 survey questions - that I hope to use internally for feedback purposes. This is simply a score from 1 to 5, and a comments section. I don't know how to report on this 'survey'. There is a survey results slide that captures this, in addition to a 'results' slide that captures the test scores in the course.

Your help and immediate attention would be useful!

Kind regards,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

Any LMS will only report one results slide from Storyline. It sounds like you're hoping to obtain the test results and survey results together. In this case, you would need to combine your Results Slides to report data from both interactions; test questions and survey questions.

Please let us know if you need any guidance!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sue!

Right now, only one Results Slide can be reported to an LMS. Is it possible for you to add a survey question to the end of your course and followed by a Results Slide? Then you can use the Results Slide to track the questions and survey feedback.

We don't have any articles that walk through this specific build, so I've made a sample .story file that you can look through.


Sue Wallis

HI Lauren

Thanks for your help.

Yes I could do that but I currently have a complete course trigger that I send to the lms. Am I right in thinking that for the last lesson in the course, when I publish I use the quiz completion as the trigger rather than the complete trigger to send to the LMS as it can;t send both?



Sue Wallis

Hi Lauren

I am just revisiting this after a while!

Thanks for the example. In the example you sent, will the free text field be sent to the lms as well as the score?

We want to include one question that is a rating - 1-5 - this would not have a correct or incorrect answer

Then ideally two free text questions 

Also, in the results page that is sent to the LMS, does it have to say it is a score?

Hope you can help.  Thanks


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sue,

The solution that Lauren shared above is a way to record both graded and survey questions. 

The survey questions will not affect the score, but the overall result slide is a graded result slide. You can choose to remove this display to the user if needed by editing the result slide. 

I've updated the project file to include a 'rating' as you mentioned and you can see the results that were reported in my LMS test: