Help with workarounds for Print and Finish button

We are struggling to get a trucker safety module ready for use in a kiosk for vendors to use. We have a couple issues:  the Print button and the Finish button that haven't come up for us before since this will be our first module not tied to our LMS.

Print button issue - We haven't been able to get the Print Results button to activate the print command to either a networked printer or a local printer. We can have users right-click and then select Print, but our vendor population includes people with little computer experience, so if anyone knows a way to have the Print button directly activate the print command, that would be really helpful.

Finish button issue - The Finish button doesn't do anything when the user finishes the module. It seems like it's a place holder button with no function. The Articulate Technical Support identified this as a bug that will be fixed in the future. Has anyone found a way around this? We need to have it work because otherwise people are able to insert another vendor's name to print in the quiz results page without going through the safety training module.



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