Hiding content content that can only be accessed from web link

I have a group of presentations that are linked together via WebLink objects from a menu presentation.  I'd like to deploy this group to AOL - and only want the presentations to be available to a select group of people.  I don't want them to be public - but also don't want them to show up on the content list when the learner logs in.  I only want to menu presentation to show on the login page. 

Is this possible?. If yes,  How?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Yakov, and welcome to Heroes!

If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you want your content to be private, but not show up in the user portal - which contradicts the functionality of Articulate Online. One way around would be to make your content public, so anyone with the link can view it, then uncheck the option to have public content show up in user portal. Of course, the drawback there is you will lose out on tracking data, so I'm not seeing a way for it to work both ways.

Yakov Werde

Follow up question: 

I have a menu page at the end of my overview piece that has hyperlinks to individual sections.  I am using the webobject technique on that page to link to multiple subsection presentations.  I have 'prompt to resume' turned off so there is nothing getting in the way of selecting a specific page (with prompt to resume enabled and you choose Yes - you wind up in an infinite loop - it takes you back to the webobject page.....BAD')

I also put a hyperlink at the end page of each subsection module that I'd like to have return that last page within the menu module.  I attempted to use the /?slide=xx technique and append the parameter to the url as shown here http://www.articulate.com/blog/check-out-this-articulate-powered-website/ 

However the generated URL is invalid - I wind up with a URL whose end is incorrect DocumentID=b3c97314-55fe-40a4-9d10-2220af44816e&Popped=True&InitialPage=?\slide=6. Navigation is failing with an invalid URL

How can I implement inter-presentation navigation to a specific page in AOL?


I'd like to return to that individual menu page when the