Host other non-Articulate content within Articulate Online?

Hello!  Can one (today or in the near future) load other SCORM-based files to Articulate Online - content authored from non-Articulate software?  I am looking for a happy medium between Articulate Online and Docebo SaaS.  With Articulate Online, there are unlimited viewers but limited courses / items.  With Docebo SaaS, there are unlimited courses but limited, anonymous (free) users / viewers.  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jason,

Articulate Online does not support uploading or hosting of any other file types - except media that may be embedded in Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage or Storyline content - or courses, quizzes, or interactions created with third-party applications.

So, currently, you can only use Articulate Online with Articulate products. 

I'm not sure if other content will be supported in the future, unfortunately. However, you're always welcome to send suggestions or requests to our development team by using the feature request form. 

I hope this helps, Jason.


Jason Peterson

Hi Christine, has there by chance been any enhancements made with Articulate Online as we covered last year, the possibility of loading content authored by non-Articulate software?  I assume the answer is no?  I just started another trial version to present the software to a client I have.  Thanks!  Cheers, Jason

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jason!

I'm afraid not - there's been no change to that particular feature/option with Articulate Online. 

I do know that there are some additional options cooking at the moment, but they're not close enough to release for me to share the details just yet. But, I can hint that it's exciting :)

I hope you're doing well and that you have a great day!