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Rachel Drysdale

Hi Leslie,
Thank you for the quick response.
I found the documentation you recommended earlier today and I followed those instructions to make the answers mandatory.

When I attempt to run the Answer Breakdown report, my content doesn't show up as an option for it.
I simply get the below pic. Which tells me the Articulate Online system isn't recognizing my published content as being eligible for this report? How can I clue in the system that there are quiz and survey questions in my course?

Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachel! Thank you for sharing and I see where you updated your image above as well. 

So, the information I shared about the Answer Breakdown report is specific to stand-alone quizzes and those embedded in Presentations.

For your Storyline content, you would need to create a custom report, and yes (from the thread here) you are going to need a results slide.

Check out this example of a custom report set-up here:

Please let me know if this works for you, and if not, attach a screenshot for me to take a look at.

Rachel Drysdale

Hi Leslie,

I tried what you suggested above. Thanks for the screenshots.

I am able to follow the steps, but when I run the report, I don't see any results from the quiz question and survey questions (see attached doc).

Is there something I should click in the report to see the rest of the results?


Rachel Drysdale

I finally figured it out!

The problem was at the publishing stage.

When you publish to the LMS, you have to click the "Tracking" link and choose "Track using Quiz Results" instead of "Track using number of slides viewed" which is the default.

 I didn't see this in any of the documentation I found online. But I think that was my problem because when I republished with "Track using quiz result" I was able to run a report with survey responses shown.

 Thanks for looking into this for me!