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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Monique and welcome to Heroes!

You'll need to first publish your course to Articulate Online and choose the option for "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad". When users access the course link through their email or by visiting Articulate Online and clicking on the course it will then open within the Mobile player and be saved there as a part of the library.

This photo is from Storyline, but a similar set up within Studio '13:

For more information on publishing to Articulate Online and using the mobile player, there is information here for Storyline and additional information for Presenter.

Wonder Worker

It works! It was o'dark-thirty last night when I was working on this. I had published it with all the HTML5/Mobile options. I think the issue is that I was manually entering the link in Safari, but it worked when I emailed the link to myself and clicked the link. My content looks great! Signing off to go do a happy dance. Many thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

There was an issue with the latest iOS that caused earlier courses to display that message when trying to open them. We've fixed that in the latest updates for Storyline and Studio '13, but older courses would need to be republished or updated using the Articulate Updater. 

Since the exemplar courses are ones shared by users we do not go through and update them all based on the changes to OS issues such as this one. If you're looking to test a course within the iPad is there a particular issue you're looking to see or item and how it behaves in iOS or the mobile player? You may want to look at some of the more recent examples here as those are likely published with the latest updates. 

Daniel Berlin

Hi and Thanks for your response.
Yes, it seems to work with the elearning I created, no problem.
I'm a retired Science and Math high school teacher and I've been creating
elearning for a few of the things I used to teach, using what I learned
works with students.
So far I've created a few courses including the entire Grade 12 Calculus
course, complete with videos and check your understanding options. The only
thing is I don't really know what to do with this. I've posted it on my
website but...who ever heard of my website. It's sort of online interactive
tutoring. Do you have any suggestions on how I could proceed with this, or
is that beyond the scope of this forum?
Anyway, thanks so much.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel! I'm not sure that it's out of scope for the forum, but not something that Articulate could suggest or support. I would advise that you consider popping into our General Discussion/Building Better Courses forum for advice on how to share and where to market your material as the community would be your best resource with this question.