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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hey Dan!  Articulate 360 is priced per user, so $1299 would be a single seat team of one user.  A team can be as small as one person, or you can purchase as many seats as you need!  Typically a good rule of thumb is if you're with an organization, you purchase teams, and if you're purchasing for yourself as a freelancer, you purchase personal.  It's really about who needs to own the subscription - your company or you, even if you're only going to be one user! 

If you’re with an organization, the Teams plan has features that organizations absolutely need. Articulate 360 Teams seats can be transferred when you have changes in your business needs or staff.  The Teams plan lets you manage seats, billing, and permissions all in one place. You get priority email support and live chat support with a Teams plan. You can get volume discounts, buy with purchase orders, and buy on behalf of someone else. And perhaps most importantly, the Teams plan gives you exclusive product features that make it easy for members of your team to collaborate on Storyline 360 and Rise 360 projects.

I hope that helps! Let us know if there are other questions!