How to create "GuestUsers" for "Articulate ONLINE" using "Articulate ONLINE API".

I didn't find any information related to GuestUser creation using Articulate ONLINE API. I found only create users, delete users. But I need info related to Create GuestUser. Can you please anybody helpme whether it is possible or not using the Articulate ONLINE API.
If it is possible can you share a particular link or a piece of code <soap> or any info related to that.

Thanks for your help here in Advance!!
- Vedant

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vedant and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I know that many users utilize a Guestbook if you need to have content that is public and will be accessed by users. This is a great way to collect data/info on those taking the course for reporting. 

It sounds as if you may be wanting to keep your content private and create an actual 'login' for a guest user? You should be able to do so with a generic e-mail/password, but you would not be able to 'send' this out to the user obviously and I would not recommend this for more than one person.

I hope that helps get you started.

Vedant Tupati

Hello Leslie McKerchie, Thanks for your reply!

I want the content which is public should be accessed by Guest User. So I am wanting to know how to create a Guest User using Articulate Online API and make the Public content accessible to the guest user and the Guest user activity should be tracked in the report.

We are eagerly waiting for your reply as it is very urgent!


chandu K
Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vedant,

Yes, if your content is public your guest will be able to access the content. Take a look at the hyperlink I shared above to get this set up and have some questions so that you can track those guest users in the results. You do not need to access the API for this. 

The Articulate Online API is not something I can assist in setting up or supporting if you're looking for something more than what the guestbook offers.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Chandu,

Yes, as I mentioned to Vedant, the Articulate Online API is not something that we offer support with. 

If you are hoping for some reporting access, please check out the guestbook hyperlink I shared above as well. You can make some fields required and have those included in your reporting as well.

Hope that helps :)