How to link modules in Articulate Online

I have two modules created in Studio '13 - one is a review course for an annual compliance test, and the other is the test itself.

I need to begin by offering the learner two options:
1) take the review course
2) skip the review and go straight to the test.

In addition, I need to put a link to the test at the end of the review course.

We are using Articulate Online.

What is the best way to link these modules together in this environment?

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Tom Hudson

Thanks, Leslie. That worked, but it uncovered another problem.

The test opens in another browser window, but the study guide remains open in its window.

That means the person could take the test by looking up the answers in the study guide window.

So (and I'm afraid to ask this), is there any way to force the study guide window to close when the test window opens?

Would this work better if I embedded the test in the study guide, rather than making it a separate content object?