How to log in to Content onLine?

Where is the link to log into my content? Am I crazy? I have wasted so much time...My View Published Content link does NOT come up any more. It uploads my story file but I no longer get the link to view published Content on Articulate Online . My 30 day is not up. I still have 15 days. I have cleaned my content and removed some files. HELP !

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dorota,

That message only appears when publishing to AO - so if you're not seeing it, what happens at the end of your publish process? Does it freeze or just act like it's finished and returned you to the file? Do you know how to log into your AO account to see if the course uploaded but you just didn't get the message? 

I've heard a few reports of some oddness with Articulate Online today - so if you'd like our Support engineers could check into your actual course set up.